Main Business Activities

1. The maintenance of orderly imports
(1) Communication and information exchange with related industries concerning the orderly management of imports of products of which imports are rapidly increasing

2. Activities concerning improvement of the importing environment etc.
(1) Cooperating towards the early realization of EPAs etc., and making proposals concerning improvements to agreements which are already in effect

(2) Making proposals concerning the customs valuation system and Article 8 of the Temporary Tariff Measures Law (tax reduction for processed reimports)

(3) Making proposals concerning domestic and foreign laws, ordinances, and systems concerning trade

(4) Actions addressing the quality and safety of imported textile goods

(5) Actions addressing the normalization of fare systems for foreign routes etc.

(6) Making proposals concerning various systems etc. pertaining to trade, such as foreign taxation systems, trademarks, and quality labeling

3. Investigating, collecting, and disseminating domestic and foreign information and documents
(1) Collection and dissemination of trends in the Chinese textile industry and market, of various systems for trade, taxation, and the like, and of import/export statistics

(2) Collection and dissemination of information concerning ASEAN countries, trends in the textile industries and markets of India and other countries, trade, investment environments, and the like

(3) Overseas dispatch of research groups for purposes such as stabilizing and diversifying import supply sources

(4) Investigation of transportation, ports, and the like, to facilitate logistics in Southeast Asia, China, and elsewhere

(5) Publicity for domestic and overseas trade shows to introduce imported textile products

(6) Preparation of various statistics, such as Ministry of Finance trade statistics

(7) Provision of import/export data, using the customs clearance information provision system

4. Education, training, and networking of association members
(1) Organizing various seminars, training sessions, lectures, briefings, and the like on content such as trade systems and basic knowledge of textiles, and Web-based subscription content delivery

(2) Presentations concerning overseas textile industries by persons involved in overseas textile industry policies

(3) Exchange of views, training, etc. for staff posted to the Shanghai branch and elsewhere

(4) Promoting opportunities for interaction between members

5. Exchanges with related overseas agencies
(1) Regular discussions with the Chinese Textile Products Export Promotion Association, and cooperation with other related overseas agencies

(2) Cooperative projects with textile-related agencies in ASEAN Countries, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan. and elsewhere

(3) Cooperative projects with government-affiliated trade agencies in Italy, Germany, Turkey, and other countries

6. Handling CSR and issues of the environment, human rights, and safety
(1) Support for the safe and reliable import of textile goods

(2) Technical training, and publicity and education towards fair trading

(3) Actions concerning CSR, the environment, human rights, and similar matters related to imported textile goods

7. Import transaction inquiries, introduction of exhibits to overseas trade shows, and trade show participation

8. Cooperation and exchange of information with related agencies in Japan and overseas

9. Other activities
(1) Agency for the submission of various applications and reports etc. to relevant authorities by members, and related administrative cooperation

(2) Operating a consulting service concerning import customs clearance procedures etc.

(3) Operation of collective PL insurance